James Ward is the founder of the Boring Conference whose website you are currently reading. Now in its sixth year, Boring continues to sell out despite Ward’s growing animosity towards the project. He is the author of Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil Case which was given two out of five by Ben Richardson in the South China Morning Post who said it was little more than “a laundry list of ‘fancy that!’ factoids” and that Ward should have included more “interactions with real people”. He is on Twitter @iamjamesward, which lots of people misread as “ianjamesward”, and writes a blog called I Like Boring Things.


Jason Ward is a writer and puzzle creator. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Little White Lies, Dazed, Curzon, The Quietus and IdeasMag and he is the associate editor of Oh Comely magazine. He is also the author of the newly published book Alice’s Puzzles: Through the Looking Glass. Fortunately for him, he is not related to James Ward. He is on Twitter @draw_nosaj.


Tom Jackson runs the Postcards from the Past Twitter account which tweets “fragments of life” – pictures of old postcards along with their accompanying messages. You can follow the account @PastPostcard.


Eleanor Herring is a design historian who has studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art, and has a PhD in Architecture and Cultural Studies from the University of Edinburgh. . Her first book, Street Furniture Design: Contesting Modernism in Post-War Britain will published in July.


Nicholas Tufnell is a London based writer and producer. His work has appeared on Bloomburg, the Guardian, BBC News and Wired. He is on Twitter @NicholasTufnell.


Catherine O’Flynn is the author of three novels. Her debut, What Was Lost, won the 2008 Costa First Novel Award. She reviews books sometimes for The Guardian and turns up sporadically on Radio 4’s Saturday Review. Her short stories and articles have appeared in Granta, The New York Times, The Independent and on BBC Radio. Catherine has been described as ‘the JG Ballard of Birmingham…finding poetry and meaning where others see merely boredom and dereliction”. She lives amidst that boredom and dereliction with her husband and two daughters. She is on Twitter @CatherineQanik.


Greg Stekelman is a writer and illustrator. He is the author of two books, A Year in the Life of The Man Who Fell Asleep and London Tales. He is not on Twitter @themanwhofell, having left the site to go and live in the woods.


Peter Fletcher is a Birmingham-based biostatistician. Since July 2007, he has kept a record of every time that he has sneezed. He records the time, the date, where he was, what he was doing and a measure of strength (mild, moderate, moderate to stong, strong and very strong). You can read the details of each sneeze here. My favourite is sneeze number forty-two. He is on Twitter @joyfeed.


Lynne Murphy is a Reader in Linguistics at University of Sussex. For the last ten years she has been blogging about the difference between American and British English on the Separated by a Common Language blog. She also writes a blog about antonyms – Remain Antonymous, and is on Twitter @lynneguist.


Alby Reid is a physicist and teacher. He writes the Mr Reid blog, about “stuff that interests him”, which judging from the tag cloud on his blog mainly seems to be nuclear weapons and space. He is on Twitter @alby.


Tracy King is a producer and writer best known for her animations of Tim Minchin’s Storm and Chris Hadfield’s It’s Not Rocket Science. She also writes a tech and gaming culture column in Custom PC Magazine and is on Twitter @tkingdoll


Edward Long is a London-based poet whose work centres around the past, geography, Scandinavia, and issues of sexuality and identity. In June, he will be poet-in-residence at Branch Hill Allotments in Hampstead as part of the Open Squares weekend and is on Twitter as @eddus.


Rhodri Marsden is a writer, broadcaster and musician. He has performed in a multitude of bands including Scritti Politti and Dream Themes, Waltham Forest’s leading TV theme tune covers band. He recently published Drunk Furniture: The Secret Life of Unsober Sofas, a collection of photographs of items of household furniture disgracing themselves in public. He lives on Twitter at @rhodri.


Dawn Foster is a writer on politics, social affairs and economics for The Guardian, London Review of Books, Independent and Times Literary Supplement, and is a regular political commentator for Sky News, Channel 4 News, and BBC Newsnight. Her first book, Lean Out, is on feminism, austerity and corporate culture. Follow her on Twitter @dawnhfoster.


Erica MacArthur is an illustrator and also an artists’ model at the Royal Drawing School in London. You can see her work on Instagram and can follow her on Twitter @ericamacarthur.


Russell Arnott is an oceanographer, physicist and outreach officer for Whale-Fest, international celebration of wild whales, dolphins and marine life. Russell is a regular speaker at Sunday Assembly in Brighton and can be found on Twitter @Russell_Arnott.


Iszi Lawrence is a comedian and podcaster. She presents the Z-List Dead List, a podcast about obscure figures from history, and co-hosts the Sundays Supplement podcast with Simon Dunn. She is on Twitter at @iszi_lawrence.



(Line-up subject to change, but hopefully not too much change because it took me ages to write all those descriptions)